How To Use Old Sarees For Home Decor?

Use Your Vintage Saris in These 15 Ingenious Ways Make curtains out of your old saris that go with the style of your space. Make elegant bed canopies with flowing textiles to give your bedroom an exotic feel. Make a colorful bed cover out of an old sari by creatively using the embroidery.

Similarly, How can we reuse old silk sarees?

Anarkalis. Convert your worn-out sarees into long, stunning anarkalis. Kurtis. Make kurtis out of the worn sarees that have been sitting around unused if kurtis are your go-to attire. Saree dress Skirts. Half sarees and lehengas. Pants and palazzos. Scarves and dupattas. Interior design.

Also, it is asked, How do you store old sarees at home?

It is usually recommended to wrap sarees in pure cotton fabric before storing them in your closet to protect them from dampness. Your sarees can breathe while being stored in a cotton bag, which also guards against insects like moths, cockroaches, and beetles and prevents zari from oxidizing.

Secondly, How do you display a saree?

1) If you are using a big frame, you may fold the remaining fabric within the frame and pull tight the portion of the sari you wish to exhibit. 2) When utilizing a compact rectangular frame, fold the sari to show off the elaborate pallu embroidery.

Also, What can I do with my old sarees?

Nearly all of the crafts you may do using your mother’s old sarees are listed below: Have a dress sewn. Purchase some stylish palazzo pants. Purchase some stylish dhoti pants. Make room in your closet for a desi kimono jacket. Give the pant-suit pair a desi touch to look sophisticated. Get lovely brocade skirts sewn. Or just a plain kurta.

People also ask, What can I make with sari fabric?

20 Innovative Things You Can Do With Old Sarees Simply switch out your old saree with a new one. Purchase a salwar suit made of recycled saris. A Kurta made from an old saree is another option. Lehengas or a half saree made from an old saree are also fantastic choices. An old cotton or pattu saree with a summer maxi dress.

Related Questions and Answers

Is it better to hang or fold sarees?

Sarees with embroidery should always be folded such that the embroidered side is on the inside. The decorations won’t snag or fall apart as a result of this. Make it a must that you never hang your embroidered saree. Due to the possibility of the cloth being stretched and torn by the extensive embroidery.

How do you tie a wall saree?

Count the length of the sari. Purchase a curtain rod that is the right length, then install it on your wall. On a spotless table, spread out your sari. Along one of the long edges, attach the curtain ring clips. To hang it, use the mounting hardware and insert the rod through the rings.

How can we keep Banarasi saree at home?

Final Care Instructions for Banarasi Sarees – Best kept cold and out of the sun, dust, and moisture. To avoid stains, refrain from misting perfume on the saree. Banarasis should always be stored in a cotton or muslin cloth. To avoid any damage, fold the saree with the front weaving portion inside.

What is Patteda Anchu saree?

The handloom capital of Gajendragarh, Karnataka, is where Patteda Anchu sarees are weaved. The communities in and around the center are capable of hand weaving this gorgeous cotton saree, which is given to the local goddess on significant occasions and is of godly importance.

Are Khun and Ilkal saree same?

This is an Ilkal saree from the Karnataka town of Ilkal, which is famous for its “Khun” blouse cloth. The sari is distinctive because it is constructed of Khun fabric, a vividly colored, self-patterned, and self-bordered fabric that is often used to sew saree blouses.

Where is Khun saree from?

The fabric, often referred to as khana and Dharwad khun, is solely produced on pit looms in the Karnataka district of Guledagudda. The tiny white intricate designs and distinctive reddish-purple border of this hand-woven fabric, which is solely used to construct saree blouses, make it easy to recognize.

What is the function of half saree?

The half-sari event is attended by cousins, friends, and other family members who gather to wish the girl for whom the ceremony is conducted well. This ceremony, which takes place when a girl reaches puberty, is extensively observed in Hindu culture, mostly in the southern regions of India.

What does a saree symbolize?

Indian deities known as Devis are often shown as donning vibrant silk saris. The saree’s hue symbolizes values. Red represents bravery, a white sare represents purity, and yellow is considered lucky. The saree’s intricate intricacies are what give it its traditional importance.

How can I reuse curtain fabric?

Six Ingenious Ways To Reuse Curtain Fabric An easy tote bag. A simple tote bag might be really helpful if your drapes are made of a thicker material. Comfortable Dog Bed Sofa cushions that match. Simple Pincushions To Make. Plain placemats. An ornamental garland

What can I do with old clothes in India?

To learn how to donate clothing, read the instructions below. Step 1 is to decide. Take a close peek inside your closet. Recycle or upcycle damaged clothing in step two. Third step: wash your clothing. Step 4: Seasonally appropriate donations. Pick the charity in Step 5. Organizations in your city are step six.

Can I make a lehenga out of a saree?

By altering the way it is draped and adding a stunning dupatta, you may transform a saree into an elegant lehenga. Additionally, the cloth from a saree may be easily transformed into a lehenga simply sewing the outfit together.

Can we make suit from saree?

You may build palazzo pants or even normal trousers out of your old sarees if you can utilize them to make lehengas and skirts. Sarees with zari borders make excellent palazzo pants and give your garment a fashionable appeal. Very simple to make and have a wonderful appearance are palazzo pants.

How can I reuse my mother’s wedding lehenga?

Adapt the lehenga to become a kurta. So you may make an Anarkali or a short Kurti out of a lehenga skirt. The wedding essence will be there in each of them. Make sure you show off that kurta since mothers like it when their daughters wear their old clothes again!


When you are done wearing your old silk sarees, you can use them to decorate your home. The best way to do this is by using the saree as a curtain or by making it into a tablecloth.

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