How To Decorate In Adorable Home?

Similarly, How do people make love in adorable homes?

Tap the “accept love x 80″ button many times to gain more love. Instead of viewing adverts while hitting the “double love x 160″ button, try tapping the “accept love x 80″ button many times to gain at least 300 extra love when each assignment is completed.

Also, it is asked, Is there anything to do in adorable homes?

It’s all about taking care of your home, pets, and relationship in Adorable Home. Interacting with your spouse, kitties, and guests will earn you Love (in the form of hearts). You may purchase additional rooms, furnishings, and pets with the Love you earn, and you can unlock new interactions that reward you with more Love.

Secondly, What happens at night in Adorable Home?

All places will darken at night, and all light sources in rooms will switch on automatically as you fall asleep. The lower-left lightbulb button may be pressed to turn off these lights. When the player leaves a place with the lights turned off and returns, the lights are turned back on.

Also, How do I get a visitor in Adorable Home?

The garden may be decorated to entice visitors in the Adorable Home game. The gamer must first purchase the garden area for 3000 love points/hearts. Then you must design the garden with plants, trees, stumps, and tents, among other products offered in the store.

People also ask, What is the point of Adorable Home?

The game transports you, your lover, and your gorgeous kitty to a new house where you may begin your new life. Your objective is to decorate and upgrade your house with just the minimum necessities and the affection you get from your lover and cat.

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How do I install Adorable Home cheat?

Here’s an Android Adorable Home Cheat. From the Google Play Store, download and install EX File Explorer. Go to Android/Data/com in the app. … Look for a file called “Playerdatabase 1.txt” on your computer. Look for the line “LoveCount=*****” in the file. Replace the asterisks with the desired amount of love points.


If you are looking for a way to spruce up your home, but don’t know how to do it, this article is for you. This article will teach you how to place bought items in an adorable home.

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